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Anonymous sent: did it hurt when you got your wisdom tooth removed? like the moment when the dentist took it off?

Ohh, well they put me to sleep, so I felt absolutely no pain whatsoever! But I hear it’s not bad if you’re still awake and you listen to some loud music and zone out while they do their business in your mouth. (wow that sounds so right)

But ha, if you’re getting prepared to get yours taken out, you’re definitely gonna need to prep yourself for some headaches and jawaches and why-can’t-i-eat-that-it-looks-soooo-good aches for like 2 weeks minimum. Applesauce was my best friend.

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[1] 140707 NIEL in Laws of the Jungle event [cr: @NIELFAN_COM]

#TEENTOP4EVER ⇒ Music Videos (2010-2014)

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our boys are probably people that have the most affection towards people they love:

Minsoo talking to his mother on the phone; Changjo doing fanservice till his car disappears out of sight; Changjo dropping tears just with a heartfelt message from a fan; Ricky and Chunji shedding tears at the sight of all the Angels by their side; Niel showering almost all his fancams with love; L.Joe creating a new Twitter account to converse with Angels.

need I say more? ;;

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